With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, we’re all starting to think about how we’ll leave our premises for the break.  With some practices closing for a week, to 10 days, I’m sure they have a list of checks to go through before they close the practice.

Handpieces are possibly the last item on that list, but we’ve put together a few tips to help with the correct storage over this period.

Firstly, it depends on whether you’re sterilising using a vacuum class B autoclave or non-vacuum.  If a non-vacuum is used, be sure the handpieces are thoroughly dried prior to bagging.

The most common problem we see are the Handpieces becoming corroded due to contact with moisture for long periods of time. Trigiene recommends bagging the Handpieces once thoroughly dry or drying with non-linting disposable drying cloths, prior to bagging.

Wherever possible, store handpieces in the vertical position (head up) so that any moisture that may have collected in or around the head can drain away.

HTM01-05 states that you should have a way of monitoring sterilisation dates and rotate in a first-in/ first out system.  Unwrapped instruments should be stored and transported in a way that minimises contamination.  These boxes provide a clear, safe and identifiable way of transporting contaminated or decontaminated instruments.  Best practice requires instruments that aren’t scheduled for current use, to be stored in a separate environment (clean room or designated clean area of decontamination room).

Matthew Evershed

MD of Trigiene Dental


The Trigiene Repair workshop is not only state-of-the-art but is also ISO 9001:2015 accredited.

This Quality Management System ensures the best quality service, while having clear structures
and business efficiencies in place, giving our customers the confidence in the quality of service provided.

We only use European manufactured bearings and cartridges as standard on turbines
(OEM cartridges can be installed upon request), offering you the most cost effective solution. Most other
repairs are carried out using OEM parts. All of our parts have full trace-ability giving you peace of mind.

Our highly skilled and qualified engineers are manufacturer trained and certified on a regular basis.
They are always on hand to talk you through your repairs and to help with any equipment
maintenance queries that you may have.

BOOK your FREE same day collection service online at www.dentalhandpiecerepairs.co.uk, or call the Trigiene team who can do this for you. We use DPD Local who will collect your Handpieces direct from the practice. We never charge you for collection or delivery, even if you decline the repair quote!

PACK your Handpiece into the provided silver collection pack and leave at your Reception for DPD to collect. Make sure you fill out the two-part form, keep one for your records and pop the other inside the repair pack with your broken Handpiece.

TRACK your Handpiece anytime or anywhere with our bespoke online tracking facility. You can easily keep track of your overall spend with our downloadable reports.

BOOK, PACK & TRACK | Dental Handpiece Repairs UK

All Handpiece oils are made equal, right?  No, unfortunately not.  Dealing with thousands of Handpiece repairs on a weekly basis, we get to know the effects of poor oiling, no oiling and poor quality oil.

One practice recently had an issue with higher than normal Handpiece repairs yet they insisted the oiling procedure was carried out according to manufacturer’s instructions and there had been no change in procedure.  When the dentist explained that he had had an issue with ‘over-oiling’ and that he was fed up with his Handpieces becoming slimy with oil, we quickly realised the problem and politely asked what oil his practice was using. We were informed me that it was (I won’t mention the brand) a generic budget Handpiece lubricant.

So the cycle of events was –  Handpieces being oiled with budget oil, which has a poor composition.  The oil remains stuck in globules in and around the Handpiece as it doesn’t flow or disperse easily.  Yes, the nurse was oiling the Handpiece correctly, ensuring that clear oil went right through the Handpiece.  The Handpiece was autoclaved and ready for use.

During the autoclave process, some of this poor budget oil ran out of the Handpiece and was now coating the exterior of the Handpiece.  The dentist by this point is fed up with handling slimy Handpieces so he has a word with the nurse and explains she is ‘over-oiling’ the Handpieces as they are coming out of the sterilisation pouch coated in oil.  The nurse takes this advice and only gives the Handpiece a short burst of oil and does not allow the oil to flow through the complete Handpiece.  This produces the desired effect with the dentist, he is much ‘happier’ with the Handpieces until they stop working!  Any dirt/debris has been pushed into the head of the Handpiece with a serious lack of oil and parts fail, leading to costly repairs.

So what makes a good quality Handpiece oil?  Needless to say, Handpiece manufacturers have developed their own oil to best suit their Handpieces.  With a good quality oil, the Handpieces can be oiled sufficiently without affecting user experience.  The composition of a good quality oil allows the smallest and most intricate parts of the handpiece to be oiled and it should not be possible to over-oil the Handpiece.  For more detailed hints and tips on Handpiece oiling see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3meUfyo0XBQ

Dental Handpiece Lubricant

Q. What are the most common issues practices have with Handpieces?

A. Failed Bearings, Chucks and water leaks.


Q. What can practices do to cut down con costly Handpiece Repair Bills?

A. Follow the correct oiling procedures and use a reputable make sure your Handpieces are serviced every 12 months


Q. How often should Handpieces be oilied?

A. Handpieces should be oiled every 20 minutes or before each sterilisation, whichever comes first.


Q. Is is better to oil Handpieces by hand or to use an Oiling Machine?

A. A properly set up and regularly serviced machine is the best way to maintain Handpieces.


To find out how to oil your Handpiece correctly, head over to our YouTube page.

Trigiene Dental at the Dental Showcase

Trigiene will be attending the BDIA Dental Showcase on the 19th – 21st October.

If you’re looking for an upgrade, a complete handpiece protection plan, extended warranties, replacement handpiece or a quick and easy handpiece repair service, look no further than Trigiene on Stand Q40. We have a range of handpieces on display and our experts are on hand to find the ultimate handpiece option for you and your practice.

Intra-Oral Sensors Q&A

Q. Why should I consider Intra-Oral Sensors for my practice?

A. Best quality digital image, Improved workflow, Low radiation dose, No chemical disposal or dark-rooms, Instant chairside patient dialogue, quality digital enhancement.

Q. Sensors are too costly for my practice Fact: 80% of Sensors are sold into busy NHS practices for improved workflow

A. ‘Cost in use’ is what you really need to measure.  When you consider cost of consumables (film, developing chemicals, chemical disposal or even replacing phosphor plates) then time considerations, over a 5 year period, Sensors really pay off.

Q. What if I drop the Sensor or the patient damages the cable?

A. With the Fona Stellaris Sensor this is no longer a worry. The Sensor has a unique patented replaceable cable that is only a small fraction of the cost of the Sensor. Every Sensor is supplied with one spare cable should there be any damage. The Sensor plate also contains a unique internal cushioning system to protect against falls and knocks.

Q. I’ve heard patients don’t like Sensors because they are bulky and uncomfortable in the mouth

A. The Fona Stellaris Sensor has rounded edges and rear mounted cable to aid patient comfort. Fact- most people prefer the feel of the new Sensor over the traditional film or phosphor plate that have sharp edges.

Q. How long does it take to acquire an image?

A. Instant. If the Sensor is positioned correctly your image will be on screen within 2 seconds of delivering the radiation dose.

Q. How much radiation is required to achieve a quality image?

A. Typically 1/5th of what is required with traditional film.

Q. Will it link in with my patient management software?

A. The software integrates seamlessly with most Patient Management Software systems.

Q. How quickly can we get an engineer to fix a problem?

A. Instantly. There is a 24/7 hotline and remote support available with the product. Once installed and staff trained it would be extremely rare for an engineer to need to make a site visit.

If you feel your practice could benefit from a training session, call Trigiene today to book a time slot.

WOW! We're pleased to announce that we've hit a huge milestone!

Wow! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve hit a huge milestone. We almost have 1000 users on our handpiece repair website.

To celebrate we’re giving away a FONA Dental Eagle Essence to the 1000th user! We’d love it if you could like and share our post to help us hit our target. Even more, if you don’t already use our repair service, head over to the website and register today to see what all the fuss is about!

Costly Handpiece Breakdowns? Trigiene can help.

Handpiece breakdowns can be far more costly than most people realise with numerous hidden costs often unaccounted for. There is the cost of replacement parts but then there is also chair-side downtime, postal delays, labour, delivery charges/recorded delivery, workshop delays and so it goes on. Further to that, if you post your handpiece off in the ‘Free Post Jiffy Bag’, no one will want to know about it when it doesn’t reach it’s destination and your handpiece just becomes another piece of history!

Our mission at Trigiene is to reduce downtime and inconvenience for the dentist through service and products so that he/she can concentrate on what they do best, providing top quality treatments to their clients. Having recognised this, Response24 was born offering a hassle free handpiece repair service. Every handpiece breakdown is tracked and traced from the minute it leaves the practice reception to the minute it is returned. The collection packs are collected the same day, the repair quotation is available the next day and the repaired handpiece is returned within 24 hours. The collections and returns are completely free, the only thing you pay for it the repair itself (if the quote is accepted).

How can we offer a free collection and delivery service? Because our repair quotations are so competitive it is very rare for a quotation to be declined!


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  • Very pleased as other repair providers said they cannot repair several of the handpieces that you have repaired.

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  • Fantastic service, always prompt with delivery. Would also recommend their Handpiece repair service, again excellent turnaround and help when required.